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Relocation FAQ
  1. Why should you choose Month2Month to be your housing partner?

    ● Consistent rental policies & rates, flexible lease terms, allowing month2month extension
    ● Inventory coverage: hundreds with immediate availability and thousands with available upon request
    ● Turnkey: Fully furnished turnkey single-family housing
    ● Top quality properties in family-friendly neighborhoods surrounded with best schools
    ● Processing efficiency ensured by 10 years of experience with insurance partners
    ● We take 100% ownership and work directly with your team
    ● Pet friendly homes so all pets go wherever their owners go and they are not left behind
    ● Fully equipped home that cut down on your clients’ food cost, dry cleaning, laundry and miscellaneous expenses
    ● 24/7 365 days a year on-call availability for customer and partner services
    ● Staff within 60 miles of the property
    ● Technology: Partner Portal

  2. How can I book properties with Month2Month?

    Our booking webpage for partners is the primary booking portal for partners to register and get the credentials If you are not a preferred partner yet, send inquiries to booking@month2month.com and our sales team will follow up with you

  3. What is the house showing process prior to booking?

    Even though we offer comprehensive online photos and virtual tours to minimize unnecessary in-person visits during the pandemic, we are still happy to show our properties with your local clients following the CDC guidance. In our partner portal, there’s a “one-click for touring” feature where you can use to coordinate the tour with our business team. We are open to set up a tour during weekends with flexible work hours

  4. How does utility accounts and billing work?

    All utilities connections are activated in the properties and ready prior to move-in. During the guest stay, monthly usage emails are sent to the guest and the channel contacts as a reminder. After check out, the utilities invoice will be generated. For abusive overusage, every $500 accumulated bill will be required to pay during the stay.

  5. What is a partner portal? How can I become a preferred partner?

    It is a dedicated tool to simplify the search and booking process for our partners. Benefits for using M2M Partner Portal

    ● Partner only: Preferred pricing and terms

    ● One-click to hold the property for 24 hours up to 3 properties, no obligations needed

    ● One-click to schedule a in-person showing with us

    ● One-click to book a property with the standardized lease

    ● Be the first to know “Coming Soon” properties

    If you would like to apply to be preferred partner, contact ale@month2month.com

  6. How does Month2Month rental pricing work?

    Relocation professionals, We know you care about fair market rental value as much as we do. As a property investment company, we’d like to share how we calculate our rental pricing to ensure our property investors achieve their ROI goal while committing to the transparency and fair rental price principles for you and your clients.

    Take an unfurnished property in Fontana, California for instance. If the monthly rent estimate for a long-term lease is $3000, we can promote it on the market and have it rent out effortlessly. And away from worries about procedures, customer service or vacancy rate due to frequent turnovers.

    Now, this is how we market a furnished property to meet the needs for corporate and insurance relocations. Take a 2-month-lease as an example. For starters, the furnishing cost is estimated at a monthly rental of $2000 (check Cort Furniture Rental rate for reference), or an approximate depreciation cost. A 3-week vacancy at $2250 rent loss and amortized into two months due to turnover is taken into consideration. Then our $600 monthly management cost is added to the calculation. Consequently, the monthly price for the property is $6725, after adding costs together, which is roughly twice the long term unfurnished.

    That’s how our properties are priced consistently for the relocation market. Without any hidden fees. We are honest with each and every partner. On top of that, we have simplified our booking process through customized tools that we provide to our partners free of charge.

  7. How do we choose where to invest in a rental?

    We understand that the struggle and stress facing both the families and the relocation specialists in locating a housing around the clock, especially in areas where there is a huge supply shortage of furnished rental housing options. Take Thousands Oaks and Hidden Valley in California as an example. With a population of 300,000 and 60,000 families, 6% of the insured homeowners file a claim and 1% will need to relocate due to the unlivable conditions of their homes. That means 600 displaced families a year have such urgent needs to find long-term housing. With the average lease being 3 months, the need for rental properties is 200 units. We looked at a broad set of vacation rental platform data to learn that the available furnished homes for rental is less than 10 units, which means the vast majority of the displaced families have to stick with small hotel rooms for quite a long time. We feel it’s our mission and also our honor to fulfill such a huge unmet need and solve the pain points of our relocation partners with our rental property investment across the States.

    The data-centric approach enables us to understand where our properties are mostly needed and how we can help the displaced families have peace of mind. We have expanded our exclusive inventory to more than 5 states in the U.S and expect to scale more this year with our seasoned processes in place. We also appreciate partners’ insights and suggestions where they need our investment most.

  8. How do you manage cleaning and housekeeping during the pandemic?

    We follow CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting, and have the following standards and procedures in place. We also conduct regular training with our cleaning vendor and keep purchasing EPA-registered cleaning chemicals and equipment such as electrostatic sprayers to make sure staff are fully equipped to follow the procedures.

  1. Someone online said they could give me a place to stay at a discounted price.

    Different individuals own personal run vacation rentals that do not guarantee a standard experience or a secure transaction process. Our rental platform offers both desktop and mobile versions that protects your personal and financial identity. We also have a designated manager for each property that manages all of your needs.

  2. Why is there an additional cleaning fee?

    In order to ensure you have the most pleasant stay with us, our professional cleaning crew thoroughly cleans the entire rental before move-in. From the carpet to all of our appliances. Just like many guests upon move-in said: “Everything seems brand new!”

  3. What is the difference between a hotel and a furnished home?

    All of our furnished homes are owned by private homeowners and can be preferable to hotels for a number of reasons. They are typically more comfortable, offers kitchens for preparing meals, and are more accommodating to those traveling with children and/or pets. Vacation rentals also offer a wider variety of accommodations which enables them to fit any vacation needs, whether it is a mountain home for 25 or a beach cottage for 2.

Booking & Cancelation
  1. How old do I need to be to reserve a home?

    In order to reserve one of our vacation home, everyone who is traveling must be at least 21 years old or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that is 21 or over. In some areas, the age requirement may be higher. Please give us a call at (949) 247-8818 for more information.

  2. Do infants count toward the maximum occupancy?

    Generally, children under the age of 2 do not count toward the maximum occupancy.

  3. Can I bring my dog along?

    No. Pets are not allowed in our properties.

  4. What is the difference between Airbnb/VRBO and your site?

    Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO are advertising sites. Holiale is a property management company that manages everything from marketing to maintenance and housekeeping. We advertise on Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO and other sites to give our homes the most visibility

  5. Can I bring more people than the maximum allowed listed?

    Maximum occupancy does not only refer to the number of guests that can sleep at the property, it also refers to the number of people allowed in the home at any given time. It is determined by the licensing authority based on the number of exits in the home and fire safety evacuation plan. Some counties or HOA's have codes that are strictly enforced. Please abide by the maximum occupancy number for the home at all times.

  6. Can I get a breakdown of the total cost?

    The rental quote includes all lodging, taxes, and fees.

  7. What is Holidale's cancellation policy?

    1. Any amount paid by Guest, excluding the service fee, will be refunded if the booking is cancelled more than 60 days prior to the check-in date. 2. Half of the full payment, excluding the service fee, will be refunded if the booking is cancelled between 30 to 60 days prior to check-in date. 3. No refunds will be issued if the booking is cancelled less than 30 days prior to check-in date.

  8. Do you have grace period for cancelling a reservation?

    All reservations under $2000 must be paid in full at the time of booking. Reservations over $2000 but within 60 days of check-in must be paid in full at the time of booking. Reservations over $2000 with partial payments and more than 60 days out must be paid in full 30 days before the start date of the reservation.

  9. How can I modify my reservation, and are there any fees associated with that?

    Please call us at (949) 247-8818 to help you modify your reservation. There could be additional fees depending on the change occurring, but we will walk you through everything before finalizing it.

  10. I found a better unit than the one I booked, would I be able to modify my reservation and change it to the new unit?

    It is possible to switch homes as long as the change is made more than 30 days prior to the reservation. If the modification results in a higher rental rate guests are responsible for paying the difference. Reservations can be modified without penalty up to 24 hours.

  11. Would I need to sign a rental contract for renting a vacation rental?

    By booking a reservation, guests acknowledge and agree to abide by Holidale's rental policies. Some of our homes will require you to sign a reservation contract agreeing to policies that are specific to that home. We ask that you review and sign the contract and return it to us via email or fax.

  12. How do I go about booking a vacation as a gift for a friend?

    You can book and pay for a reservation for another person. However, you must ensure that the name and all contact information listed on the reservation, including the email address are for the person that will be staying in the home. In addition, we will need to verify the ID’s for both the guest and the person who made the booking for security purposes./p>

  13. How do I pay for a reservation?

    We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, WeChat Pay & Ali Pay. Additionally, cashier’s check, wire, and cash can be used as well if delivered in person after ID Verification has been completed.

Move in & Move out
  1. What are the move-out procedures?

    Move-out is at 10AM and upon your departure we ask that you start the first load of laundry if there is a washer and dryer in the home. If you have time to begin a second load it is greatly appreciated by our housekeeping staff. A $50 per hour fee will be assessed for failing to vacate the unit by the agreed upon move-out time

  2. Do I have to move in by a certain time?

    Move-in is at 4 PM and guests can arrive any time after. There are some cases when early move-in is available. If that is the case, we will email you the morning of your stay to inform you that an early move-in option is available. Please note that we will not be able to confirm or deny an early move in request prior to the day of move in due to our cleaning schedules.

  3. Do you allow early move-ins?

    An early move-in is dependent on whether or not the housekeeper had time to fully clean the home before your arrival. If guests are moving out the same day that your reservation begins, an early move-in is not allowed as it will not allow the housekeeper enough time to fully prepare the home for you. We will email you the morning of your move-in if early move-in is available.

  4. Can I get a late move out?

    Late move-out is available if we do not have another reservation that night. There is a fee (plus taxes) associated. The fee varies from house to house. We can tell you if a late move-out is available three days before move-in. If you pay for late move-out you will have the home until 7pm the day you move-out.

  5. How do I obtain the keys?

    We will email move-in instructions 3 days prior to your stay including driving directions and the code to the lock box or electronic deadbolt.

  6. The lockbox only has one set of keys. Can we get another set?

    We prefer the keys stay in the lockbox so that each member of your party can access the home at any time. This will eliminate the need for multiple key sets. It also prevents the keys from getting lost.

Features & Amenities
  1. Is smoking allowed in the home?

    Smoking is prohibited on all of our properties.

  2. Does the home come with linens and towels, or do I need to bring my own?

    The home will be equipped with all the basic necessities. All the beds will be made with fresh linens and bath towels will be provided. If you would like beach towels, we recommend bringing those with you.

  3. What items can I expect to find in the home?

    Please see the features and amenities section of the home listing. Holidale also provides a few items to get you started, including: shampoo, conditioner, soap, paper towels, coffee filters, carpet spot cleaner, toilet paper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher pacs/pods, dish brush, kitchen trash bags, and small trash can liners. If there is something specific that you require, please make sure you bring it with you.

  4. What cable package does the home have? Will we be able to watch the game?

    Rental properties are individually owned and each home will have a different cable vs streaming option. Holidale cannot guarantee Television service or TV Channel availability since we only provide the most basic plan.

  5. If I want to order the UFC Fight, a movie, or a game can I do so and have it charged to my credit card on file?

    Our homes generally do not provide any sort of pay-per-view service.

Housekeeping & Maintenance
  1. Can I not pay the cleaning fee if I clean the home myself, rather than using your cleaning services?

    No. Guests are not allowed to clean after their own stay. Our housekeepers have very strict guidelines and are required to clean the home after each guest vacates.

  2. We've run out of toilet paper. Can you bring us some more?

    Holidale provides a starter kit of supplies only. If you think you will need more than what is provided, please make sure to bring some with you.

  3. We can't find any paper towels or dishwashing detergent. Can you bring us some?

    Please check in all cabinets (under the sink, above the refrigerator) and if you cannot find what you are looking for, we will gladly reimburse you for picking some up. The same goes for the following items: shampoo, conditioner, soap, paper towels, coffee filters, carpet spot cleaner, toilet paper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher pacs/pods, dish brush, kitchen trash bags, small trash can liners, and propane for the grill.

  4. We can't get the fireplace, internet, hot tub etc. working. Are there instructions in the house?

    You should have received an email from us with check-in instructions that includes a link to a digital guest binder. With your reservation number, you will have access to all your house instructions. However, if no instructions are found or if you need further assistance please contact one of our Customer Service Agents at (949) 247-8818.

  5. I am allergic to pet dander and other smells, but I want to stay in a pet friendly home. Is there any way to ensure that I won't be bothered by them for my stay?

    All our homes are thoroughly cleaned after each stay. However, we are unable to guarantee that you will not have a reaction to a home that has been regularly occupied by pets.