Month2Month (previously known as Holidale) is an innovative solution that gives relocation specialists and their clients a smooth and seamless temporary housing experience.

Our versatile platform takes the weight off your shoulders with a wide selection of easily searchable, fully furnished homes for individuals and families who desire the flexibility of month-to-month leasing.


A Comprehensive Guide to Employee Relocation Packages and How to Negotiate Them

Relocating for work, whether across state lines or international borders, is both an exciting opportunity and a daunting challenge. The process and perks of employee relocation can vary, depending on the nature of the move: domestic or international. Here’s a deep dive into the two to help you understand and negotiate your way through the …

How to deal with extreme weather

Keeping a house in its great condition is all about maintaining. Due to the different structures and geographical differences of houses, property managers will face many challenges. Some routine maintenance, such as regular inspections every two weeks, deworming every quarter, updating air filters every month, checking air conditioning and heating every six months, and cleaning …



At Month2Month, we offer a modern and innovative approach to temporary living, providing families and individuals with spacious and high-quality accommodations. All of our properties come fully furnished with flexible lease terms that start at just 30 days or longer. Our mission is to transform the temporary furnished rental industry by offering beautifully furnished single-family homes, along with rigorous quality control measures and flexible rental terms. We strive to provide our guests with the most comfortable and convenient living experience possible.



Month2Month offers a wide array of fully furnished turnkey homes all over California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, and more locations across the States. Thousands of families and working professionals can enjoy their stay in spacious 3, 4, 5, and even 6 bedroom homes. Our innovative company culture is fully embraced with vibrant, energetic employees from diverse backgrounds to provide excellent 24/7 customer service.



We exclusively manage each furnished home in our vast portfolio of inventory so that we may offer flexible month-to-month lease terms to millions of people who require a temporary place to stay due to a career change, home repairs or just for a change of scenery.


We utilize customer-centric technology, detail-oriented customer service, and high-quality standardized properties to make every furnished rental experience seamless and enjoyable for our customers.