Month2Month (previously known as Holidale) is an innovative solution that gives relocation specialists and their clients a smooth and seamless temporary housing experience.

Our versatile platform takes the weight off your shoulders with a wide selection of easily searchable, fully furnished homes for individuals and families who desire the flexibility of month-to-month leasing.


Enjoy Your COOL Summer in A Furnished Housing with Swimming Pools

We know this summer can be extremely hot. According to Yahoo, today, the temperature of Minnesota even hits 100 Fahrenheit so it won’t be hard for us to speculate how hot the weather will be in states like California and Florida this year.   However, the high temperature won’t stop travellers. Although the pandemic is still shadowing …


Month2Month is a trendy and innovative way of living for professionals and families who have relocation needs. All of our properties are fully furnished with month-to-month flexible terms and no strings attached. Month2Month aims to revolutionize the rental industry by creating a market that comes with beautifully furnished housing on flexible rental terms.