How to deal with extreme weather

Keeping a house in its great condition is all about maintaining. Due to the different structures and geographical differences of houses, property managers will face many challenges. Some routine maintenance, such as regular inspections every two weeks, deworming every quarter, updating air filters every month, checking air conditioning and heating every six months, and cleaning exterior walls and windows every two years. In this blog, we want to show you how to prepare for extreme weather to better protect your property. 


Today, our forecasting mechanism has already warned in advance that the recent cold spell in Texas is coming, and the temperature will drop below 2 degrees Fahrenheit. If the management measures are not in place at this time, and the water pipe is accidentally frozen and burst, it will be very tricky and the loss will be tens of thousands of dollars! To deal with low temperature, what experience and measures can make us smooth the tricky situation? Please read it patiently.

When the forecasting mechanism reminds us that the temperature may drop significantly, such as the aforementioned temperature in Texas will drop below 17 degrees Fahrenheit, or even extreme weather of 2 degrees Fahrenheit, then systematic house management measures for low temperatures should be immediately Started.

(1) Get Prepared

Purchase tools and items: such as shovel, broom for snow sweeping, snow melting agent and sand on the sidewalk, snow scraper for car glass, spare batteries and light bulbs, blankets and other equipment for emergency needs.

(2) Targeted inspection to eliminate hidden dangers

-Check the heating system to ensure it works.

-Check windows, doors and walls, and close doors and windows tightly.

-Open the cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen to allow the hot air in the room to circulate to a location close to the duct.

-Keep the faucet dripping continuously. This is the most effective way to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

-Close the outdoor courtyard pipe and drain the water.

-For houses with swimming pools and hot springs, clean the filter in advance and purchase a swimming pool cover that keeps the swimming pool temperature constant to avoid freezing.


This kind of housing management across multiple time zones and vertical latitudes relies heavily on technological support and team support. This involves a series of system support such as the prediction of regional supply and demand relations, big data early warning system, order management system, remote intelligent control and real-time tracking of hydropower usage, so that the house can be kept in the best condition at any time and prevent problems before they happen!


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