Rare Single Family Homes Available Soon In CA, TX, and FL☀️

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As you know, Month2Month is a professional temporary housing company; we constantly offering high-quality houses to fulfill the relocation needs.

We have some lovely homes that will be available soon in California, Texas, and Florida.

Feel free to check out the properties below.


📍173 Terrapin, Irvine, CA 92618

📍250 Overbrook, Irvine, CA 92620

📍61 Dunmore, Irvine, CA 92620

📍4088 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa, CA 94558


📍2151 Long Spring Dr, Sienna Plantation, TX 11923

📍8710 Crossing Oak Ln, Missouri City, TX 77459

📍8723 Arbor Trail Dr, Missouri City, TX 77459 


📍731 Pebble Beach Dr, Championsgate, FL 33896

📍20524 NE 5th Pl, Miami, FL 33179




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Beautiful Homes that are Available Soon

The housing options in the market are falling short of demand.

As a professional housing company, Month2Month is always here to cover your needs during this peak season.

We are constantly acquiring new properties that will be available for quick move-in to satisfy your need.

Feel free to check out our beautiful properties below.


📍202 Crescent Moon, Irvine, CA 92602

📍173 Terrapin, Irvine, CA 92618

📍37 Festivo, Irvine, CA 92606

📍1 Avignon, Irvine, CA 92606

📍4441 Foxrun Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709

📍129 Lavender, Lake Forest, CA 92630


📍4202 Eutrophic Circle, San Antonio, TX 78223

📍8723 Arbor Trail Dr, Missouri City, TX 77459 

📍8710 Crossing Oak Ln, Missouri City, TX 77459


📍20524 NE 5th Pl, Miami, FL 33179

📍2412 Tangier Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747


📍2152 Turquoise Ridge St #201, Las Vegas, NV 89117




We always have the best housing inventory in the best location! Please always use our website www.month2month.com to explore all our wonderful homes and please let us know if you have any questions.

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✉️ www.month2month.com

City Spotlight: San Antonio, TX

Like many people, we love city living. Metropolitan areas offer unparalleled resources and services. Living in or near a major city means having easy access to all our daily necessities and many extras, too. City living and convenience come with a price. The rent for a New York City apartment can easily be triple what you’d pay for a single-family house in a less-developed area of the country.

The charming Texas city of San Antonio offers all the wonderful city benefits without the high price tag. A San Antonio home could be the answer for people who want metropolitan living without the financial burden.

At Month2Month, as a company, we have been accelerating business expansion and have added San Antonio, Texas. We think it’s a very important target market and predict a huge demand for housing in the city for the following reasons:

San Antonio has Affordable Housing

San Antonio is probably the most affordable metropolitan area in the United States compared with other major cities. The median home price in San Antonio is $277,000, which is significantly lower than in cities like New York City, San Francisco, and even Houston. Because of the relatively low home price in San Antonio, rents are also less.  A well-appointed, 4 BR, newly constructed single-family residence would only short-term rent for about $2,400. A similar short term housing option could cost $7,000 in San Francisco.

Since housing is so affordable in San Antonio, more people are coming from other states to settle in this wonderful city, which means an increased demand for housing.

San Antonio has Lower Cost of Living

Despite medium-high property and sales tax, the overall cost of living in San Antonio is significantly lower than in other major cities. One financial advantage is the absence of a state income tax. Food, childcare, healthcare, and transportation costs are all lower than in other US cities. Food and childcare costs, for example, are half what they would be in San Francisco.

Great Work Opportunity

While San Antonio may not be as well-known as other metropolises, it is an industrial hub for many manufacturing companies, including Toyota. Local military bases and tourism create a tremendous demand for the service and entertainment industries, too. Visitors enjoy the city’s historical sites like The Alamo and San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.  The famous Riverwalk, with its shops, cafes, galleries, and restaurants, attracts visitors from all over the world.  Museums and other cultural sites are enjoyable for residents and visitors, also. The vibrant manufacturing and service industry job markets in San Antonio attract people from other cities and states.


Month2Month maintains that San Antonio is a city with great potential for the housing market. We have confidently invested in this city, acquiring multiple single-family residences in San Antonio. If you have any inquiries in San Antonio, make Month2Month your first choice.

Customer Service of Month2Month

Our customer’s satisfaction is everything for us. Meanwhile, for our BD partners like you, we always want to go extra miles to take care of your clients when they stay with Month2Month so that you can be relieved from all the hassles. 

In this blog, we want to let you know how we handle our customer service so that you can always choose Month2Month’s products and services without any worries.  

For small issues:

For small issues, Month2Month requires our customer service team to fix the issues within 36 hours. Whenever our customers encounter situations that do not need new parts or too much labor, we will ensure that such issues can be fixed as soon as possible.

For issues which need new parts and extra labor:

We always inspect our properties thoroughly before the next move-in. However, we do need to foresee the possibility of potential unexpected issues. Month2Month requires our customer service team to fix such issues within 72 hours. Even if we need to order new parts, we will offer temporary solutions to ensure the quality of our customers’ living experience. 


Contact us today! We always have the best inventory in the best locations. We always actively seek opportunities in more US major cities while providing our customers with the best possible living experience which they cannot easily forget. 


Enjoy Your COOL Summer in A Furnished Housing with Swimming Pools

We know this summer can be extremely hot. According to Yahoo, today, the temperature of Minnesota even hits 100 Fahrenheit so it won’t be hard for us to speculate how hot the weather will be in states like California and Florida this year.  

However, the high temperature won’t stop travellers. Although the pandemic is still shadowing most areas in the world, America does see the lights at the end of the tunnel because of the high vaccination rate. Domestic travel will resume significantly, bringing strong needs for housing in the rental market. 

We have discussed what to consider when it comes to whether to pick furnished temporary housings or hotels in our previous blogs. For travellers who want to avoid the hotness this summer with privacy and potential need for social distancing, a furnished temporary housing with swimming pool would be ideal. 

How we manage furnished housings with swimming pools in our properties. 

For Month2Month, as a company, we always want the best possible living environment for our customers. For properties with swimming pools, we have a set of strict requirements for our employees or contractors to fulfill. 

Let me give you a glimpse. Each month, a dedicated team will inspect and maintain the swimming pool. Leaves and debris will be picked up; the entire swimming pool will be vacuumed; Filters will be cleaned or replaced and water chemistry will be balanced professionally.  

Some Month2Month‘s furnished housings with swimming pools:


12920 Orangeburg Ave, San Diego, CA 92129


104 Electra, Irvine, CA 92618


3563 Frazier St, Baldwin Park, CA 91706:



2411 Dubai St, Kissimmee, FL 34747


850 Sticks St, Championsgate, FL 33896


2412 Tangier Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747


8655 La Isla Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747


9022 Rhodes St, Kissimmee, FL 34747




From Holidale to Month2Month

Holidale has officially rebranded itself to Month2Month with a new business model that provides innovative relocation services with flexible terms to the rental housing market. 

The CEO of Holidale, the predecessor company of Month2Month, Yong Liu today announced that the company totay is officially rebranded from a vacation housing platform to a temporary housing innovator that offers furnished single family housing with flexible terms to clients with relocation needs. 

“The market segment for flexible term housing today is immature and not well developed”, said Yong, ” and our vision is to take the responsibility to build a mature market with best flexible term housing inventory and matching high-quality services to people with needs”.  

Such transformation marks the new era for the company. Instead of focusing on vacation rentals, Month2Month believes that its temporary furnished housings with flexible terms can bring great values and convenience for a diverse customer base to meet various relocation needs. 

Holidale’s core assets have been absorbed into Month2Month with streamlined processes catering to this unique housing market.  “We are very proud of our seasoned team with accumulated decades of experience in vacation housing, property management and real estate investment”, said Yong, “And we will fully devote our dedicated team to provide continuous high-quality services and products to our valued partners and customers”. 

To better serve our partners and customers, We recently also launched its newly developed website month2month.com. With newly engineered design and features, the Month2Month team is confident that the new website can offer smooth and user-centric experiences for our partners and customers throughout their entire relocation journey with us. 

About Us

Month2Month is a trendy and innovative way of living for professionals and families who have relocation needs. All of our properties are fully furnished with month-to-month flexible terms and no strings attached. Month2month aims to revolutionize the rental industry by creating a market that comes with beautifully furnished housings with flexible rental terms.



City Spotlight: Why San Diego is Our Next Target for Temporary Housing

As a professional property management company and furnished temporary housing platform, Month2Month always provide the best products and services for our customers. As we keep expanding, San Diego becomes one of our next targets as it has a huge potential for housing in the local market.

In California, despite cities such as Irvine, Costa Mesa and Anaheim we have been continuously investing in, Month2Month has noticed that San Diego is the next market with huge potential that worths investment. 

Why choose San Diego as our next target market for temporary housing?

Gifts from the Nature:

Same as other cities in California, San Diego has the best climate throughout the whole year. Nevertheless, it is also a beautiful scenic city for its beaches and tourist attractions. The development of tourism ensures the potential of the local housing market.

Economic Development:

Owing to international trades and other major industries, the economy of San Diego develops rapidly. San Diego hosts several major wireless cellular technology producers and UCSD is the pioneer of biotechnology, which let plenty of people choose this city to relocate.

Friendly Neighbourhood:

The security level for most communities in San Diego is way higher than the average. Also, with mostly well-educated residents, the living atmosphere among neighborhoods is always open and friendly, which also makes San Diego a good choice for investment.

In conclusion, we believe San Diego is a big market with infinite potential for rental housing. Month2Month will always monitor the rental housing market and is dedicated to provide the best products and services for our customers in more areas. 


Our Temporary Housing Inventory in San Diego:

8252 Via Escalada, San Diego, CA 92129

12920 Orangeburg Ave, San Diego, CA 92129


Why Month2Month is Your First Choice for Furnished Housing

We have created many contents about how our services and products have revolutionized the temporary furnished rental industry. However, we haven’t really talked about Month2Month‘s  core competitivenesses compared with our peers in the furnished housing industry.

It seems that in the temporary housing industry, there are tons of companies who claim to have similar business with Month2Month and in this blog, we will walk you through why Month2Month is our partner and customers’ first choice for furnished housing. 

Capacity to Acquire Properties for Furnished Housing Nationwide:

Essentially, we are not only a temporary furnished rental platform. Instead, we are also actively seeing all different kinds of opportunities of real estate investment in areas with strong needs of temporary furnished housing. 

As a result of this, Month2Month can effectively invest in our target areas and quickly expand to build up a comprehensive furnished housing portfolio for our partners and individual customers to meet their relocation needs. 


Unlimited Furnished Housing Supply: Investors’ Constant Support :

Month2Month is proud to have a huge investor base and we are constantly receiving support, including capital and resources for our vast expansion ambition. Having the capability to buy a group of properties in Las Vegas is one way and on another way, it is also critical to have the capital to do so. Thanks to our investors and their firm support, we can better provide our products and services to our partners and individual customers with relocation needs. 

Contact us today! Month2Month always have the best inventory in the best location! Even if you have needs in areas where we haven’t temporarily stepped into, we can quickly deploy to these areas and start to acquire houses for you and your clients’ need for temporary housing. Again, we have a group of investors standing behind us so that the potential of our inventory is unlimited. 

Read our articles about why we believe furnished housing is a better option compared with hotels. 


How to Make Our Temporary Housings Attractive in Rental Housing Market

The supply in the rental housing market today is more than sufficient and only homes with delicate decorations and high quality services attached can earn customers’ attention. To be more competitive and attractive in the rental housing market, here are some tips we recommend homeowners to do. 

Decorate your home with personalities

Your home’s decoration is an expansion of your personality. No tenants will appreciate living in cold and standardized temporary housings while they are away from home. If everything is standardized, what’s the difference between your valued house with a hotel? Think this way: what do you expect when picking a temporary housing when you have to relocate? I bet you will love to be accommodated with the feeling of human and love. 

Put yourself in tenants’ shoes

Again, your valued house is not a hotel and this is how your tenants will expect. The most critical difference between temporary housing and a hotel is the atmosphere of home. In that case, you may consider to decorate your house like a home. Put a key holder and coat hanger beside the door; prepare a start kind of necessities like towel and toilet paper and maybe set up wifi for your tenants’ convenience can also be a good choice.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to always clean your home thoroughly every time before a tenant is ready to move in.   

Still sounds very exhausting? Don’t worry, Month2Month have your back! We provide an all-inclusive service from furnishing to cleaning to ensure the tenants will love their stay and your loved property can stay in its best condition. With Month2Month, your home will be very competitive in the rental housing market. 


Business Travel: Furnished Temporary Rentals Can be a Wise Choice

As more people get vaccinated every day in this country, optimism about business prospects grows. People are beginning to feel it’s safe and smart to resume business travel.  While today’s technology has allowed business meetings to continue during the pandemic, nothing can replace in-person presentations, interactions, and negotiations in the business realm.

As the world returns to normal and business travelers need to decide on the best accommodation solution, what should they choose? 

Hotels are one option.  Hotels can offer predictable, standard hospitality, but they are impersonal, and, because of the pandemic, business travelers are turning to a smarter alternative. 

Furnished temporary housing offers several advantages to business travelers. As the temporary housing industry has continued to develop and improve over recent years, many short-term housing management companies offer private, residential housings with hotel-style amenities. These accommodations can also provide some features hotels cannot.

Advantages of furnished temporary housing compared with hotels for business travel

 Privacy and Social Distancing. 

In a hotel, you can expect to meet your neighbor every time you take the elevator, go to the front desk, or sit down for breakfast in the dining room.  After living through the difficult past year, business travelers have grown to appreciate more privacy and safer distancing from fellow travelers. If they choose a furnished temporary house rather than a public hotel, they will feel safer because of its privacy and distancing. 

 Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle Away from Home

By choosing a hotel for your business travel accommodation solution, you will likely have a choice between ordering take-out food or sitting with fellow travelers in a public restaurant. Neither alternative is very healthy. If you pick furnished temporary housing, you will have the kitchen at your disposal. Everything from appliances to pots and pans is provided for you—order some groceries delivered and cook your favorite, healthy food for much less money.

Relaxed, Home-Like Atmosphere

When you are a business traveler, the novelty of fancy 5-star hotels gets old fast.  You miss home comforts and atmosphere and feel cooped up, tired, and stressed.

Temporary housing is a comfortable, relaxing home away from home where you can unwind and relax. Rather than a stiff and formal hotel atmosphere, furnished temporary accommodation will give you a home-like environment with homey furniture and decorations. 

So, hotels for business travel are nice but impersonal and not as safe as you might like them to be.  A short-term temporary private residence rental gives you a comfortable, home-like atmosphere and complete privacy. You won’t worry about getting too close to your neighbors. You can also have home-cooked, healthy food rather than take-out or hotel food.

For Month2Month, we have a wide selection of furnished temporary housings in hot areas across the country. We are confident that our services and products can offer business travelers with great living experiences.