A Comprehensive Guide to Employee Relocation Packages and How to Negotiate Them

Relocating for work, whether across state lines or international borders, is both an exciting opportunity and a daunting challenge. The process and perks of employee relocation can vary, depending on the nature of the move: domestic or international. Here’s a deep dive into the two to help you understand and negotiate your way through the journey.

Understanding Employee Relocation Packages

An Employee Relocation Package is a package of benefits and services offered by companies to ease the transition of employees from one location to another. However, the components and emphasis of these packages can vary significantly based on whether you are relocating within the country or internationally.

1. Domestic Relocation

– Housing Allowance: Companies often provide a lump-sum housing allowance, granting employees the flexibility to find and secure housing that suits their needs.

– Moving and Packing Assistance: This includes costs related to professional moving services, packing, transportation, and potential storage.

– Temporary Housing: If you can’t immediately find a permanent home, the company might cover short-term housing costs (normally 2 – 4 weeks).

– Lease Breakage: If you’re in a lease, the company may cover the cost of breaking it.

2. International Relocation

– Relocation Management Company (RMC): These are professional companies that handle everything, from securing necessary visas and work permits to housing.

– Visa and Immigration Services: All documentation and legal processes related to your international move.

– Cultural Training: To help you adapt to the new environment and understand cultural nuances.

– Language Training: Especially crucial if you’re moving to a non-English speaking country.

How to Negotiate the Relocation Package

Negotiating an employee relocation package is both an art and a science. Companies, especially multinational ones, often have a structure in place, but there’s usually room for negotiation based on your value to the company and individual needs. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you successfully negotiate your relocation package.

1. Start With Research:

– Company’s Past Packages: Speak to colleagues or mentors who’ve relocated within the company to get a sense of what’s standard.

– Competitor Packages: Research what competitors offer. This can serve as a benchmark.

– Cost of Living: Compare living costs between your current location and the new one. Websites like Numbeo or Cost of Living Index can help.

– Miscellaneous Costs: Factor in costs that might not be immediately apparent, like lease breakage fees, schooling for children, or new licenses and certifications.

2. Understand Your Worth:

– Detail how the move will benefit the company. Will you be filling a critical role? Or bringing unique expertise?

– Highlight any challenges of the move for you personally. This can help justify why certain allowances or benefits are essential.

3. Know What You Want:

List down your priorities. Determine which components of the relocation package are most important to you. This might include:

– Housing allowance or assistance

– Moving and packing services

– Temporary accommodation

– Spousal job support

– Cultural and language training (for international relocations)

– Visa and legal support (for international relocations)

4. Be Ready to Compromise:

While you should aim high, also understand which areas you’re willing to compromise on. Remember, negotiation is a two-way street.

5. Document All Discussions:

Keep track of all conversations, promises, and offers related to your relocation. This will ensure clarity and can serve as a reference in finalizing your package.

6. Practice Your Pitch:

Before meeting HR or management, rehearse your points. This will help you articulate your needs and reasons clearly and confidently.

7. Schedule a Meeting:

Arrange a face-to-face meeting if possible. In-person discussions can often be more effective than emails. If you’re remote, a video call is the next best option.

8. Focus on Win-Win:

Approach the negotiation with a problem-solving mindset. Your goal should be to create a package that’s beneficial for both you and the company.

9. Be Patient:

Negotiations might not conclude in one meeting. Be prepared for back-and-forth discussions and potential waiting periods.

10. Review the Final Offer:

Once an offer is on the table, review all its components. If there are discrepancies from your discussions, address them before accepting.

11. Seek External Advice:

If you’re unsure, consider consulting with a relocation specialist or attorney, especially for international moves, to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

12. Seal the Deal:

Once you’re satisfied with the package, get everything in writing. This should be a detailed document outlining all aspects of your relocation package.

Remember, while the company’s interest is to keep costs at bay, they also value retaining and nurturing talent. Ensure your negotiations highlight mutual benefits, making it not just a financial transaction but a strategic partnership.

Month2Month: Your Ultimate Relocation Partner


Whether you’re on a domestic journey or embarking on an international adventure, Month2Month’s offerings can ease the transition.

Since 2019, Month2Month have been providing single family homes that cater to both regular families and the corporate housing sector. With a nationwide presence, Month2Month ensures consistency in quality and service. Our reputation is bolstered by collaborations with numerous North American corporations, with many top-tier executives and professionals opting for their homes during their stays in Month2Month homes.

Why Partner with Month2Month?

– Experienced Providers: Having served the corporate housing segment since 2019, Month2Month brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the business traveler’s needs.

– Trusted by Corporates: Over the years, Month2Month has established collaborations with numerous North American corporations. Many executives from these top-tier companies have chosen Month2Month accommodations for their stays, a testament to the quality and reliability of the service.

– Nationwide Presence: Serving a wide range of single family homes with flexible leasing terms across the U.S., Month2Month ensures that wherever business takes you, a high-quality stay awaits.

– Round-the-Clock Support: With 24/7 customer service, business travelers on Month2Month have the assurance of prompt assistance, any time of the day.

– Superior Comfort: Prioritizing guest comfort, Month2Month homes come with amenities like custom handmade mattresses, ensuring every night’s sleep rejuvenates for the day ahead.


Moving can be challenging, but with the right relocation package and Month2Month’s commitment, it becomes an exhilarating experience, setting you up for success in your new role.

How to deal with extreme weather

Keeping a house in its great condition is all about maintaining. Due to the different structures and geographical differences of houses, property managers will face many challenges. Some routine maintenance, such as regular inspections every two weeks, deworming every quarter, updating air filters every month, checking air conditioning and heating every six months, and cleaning exterior walls and windows every two years. In this blog, we want to show you how to prepare for extreme weather to better protect your property. 


Today, our forecasting mechanism has already warned in advance that the recent cold spell in Texas is coming, and the temperature will drop below 2 degrees Fahrenheit. If the management measures are not in place at this time, and the water pipe is accidentally frozen and burst, it will be very tricky and the loss will be tens of thousands of dollars! To deal with low temperature, what experience and measures can make us smooth the tricky situation? Please read it patiently.

When the forecasting mechanism reminds us that the temperature may drop significantly, such as the aforementioned temperature in Texas will drop below 17 degrees Fahrenheit, or even extreme weather of 2 degrees Fahrenheit, then systematic house management measures for low temperatures should be immediately Started.

(1) Get Prepared

Purchase tools and items: such as shovel, broom for snow sweeping, snow melting agent and sand on the sidewalk, snow scraper for car glass, spare batteries and light bulbs, blankets and other equipment for emergency needs.

(2) Targeted inspection to eliminate hidden dangers

-Check the heating system to ensure it works.

-Check windows, doors and walls, and close doors and windows tightly.

-Open the cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen to allow the hot air in the room to circulate to a location close to the duct.

-Keep the faucet dripping continuously. This is the most effective way to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

-Close the outdoor courtyard pipe and drain the water.

-For houses with swimming pools and hot springs, clean the filter in advance and purchase a swimming pool cover that keeps the swimming pool temperature constant to avoid freezing.


This kind of housing management across multiple time zones and vertical latitudes relies heavily on technological support and team support. This involves a series of system support such as the prediction of regional supply and demand relations, big data early warning system, order management system, remote intelligent control and real-time tracking of hydropower usage, so that the house can be kept in the best condition at any time and prevent problems before they happen!


Houston—A Great City to Relocate


If needed, where is your first choice to move to relocate

Many people may argue that Los Angeles is their best choice considering its charming weather and booming economy. However, there is another voice saying that Los Angeles is not as livable as it used to be due to frequent extreme weather and increasing living expenses. 

Is there an alternative to California with a great economy and less expensive to live in? 

Ladies and gentleman, I give you—Houston, Texas! 

Job Market:

Today, more and more businesses have moved to Texas for future development including oil, healthcare, manufacturing and even some high technology companies including Tesla. Many industries are eager to hire talents, drawing more and more professionals to relocate to Houston. 

Cost of living: 

It is no news to Californians that their living expenses are increasing. For example, in developed areas like central Los Angeles or small cities like Irvine, the rent for a 1-2 bedroom apartment can easily reach $3500/month. However, in Houston, with a budget of $1500/month, you will have an abundance of choices to have a quality living environment. Not to mention the fact that Texas does not have any state income taxes. 

Diverse Culture:

In the past, you may naturally assume that the most diverse city would be New York city or Los Angeles. However, today, Houston has outgrown these two cities when it comes to diversity. As the economy develops, more and more talented people has moved here for living, making the city more inclusive than ever. 

In conclusion:

Houston now has become one of the most popular cities in the US, attracting many people to relocate here. With the development of the city, it is safe and sound to foresee that the rental housing marketing will be flourishing. As a matter of fact, Houston has already experienced a shortage of supply in the rental housing market as more and more people are relocating to this promising city. 

The good news is that Month2Month has acquired many beautifully furnished homes with flexible leasing terms for people with relocation needs. Want to rent a furnished home without worrying about the leasing term? Contact us today! 

Here are all our most popular homes in Houston areas. Contact us today! We always have the best housing options in the best area! 





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We have some lovely homes that will be available soon in California, Texas, and Florida.

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City Spotlight: San Antonio, TX

Like many people, we love city living. Metropolitan areas offer unparalleled resources and services. Living in or near a major city means having easy access to all our daily necessities and many extras, too. City living and convenience come with a price. The rent for a New York City apartment can easily be triple what you’d pay for a single-family house in a less-developed area of the country.

The charming Texas city of San Antonio offers all the wonderful city benefits without the high price tag. A San Antonio home could be the answer for people who want metropolitan living without the financial burden.

At Month2Month, as a company, we have been accelerating business expansion and have added San Antonio, Texas. We think it’s a very important target market and predict a huge demand for housing in the city for the following reasons:

San Antonio has Affordable Housing

San Antonio is probably the most affordable metropolitan area in the United States compared with other major cities. The median home price in San Antonio is $277,000, which is significantly lower than in cities like New York City, San Francisco, and even Houston. Because of the relatively low home price in San Antonio, rents are also less.  A well-appointed, 4 BR, newly constructed single-family residence would only short-term rent for about $2,400. A similar short term housing option could cost $7,000 in San Francisco.

Since housing is so affordable in San Antonio, more people are coming from other states to settle in this wonderful city, which means an increased demand for housing.

San Antonio has Lower Cost of Living

Despite medium-high property and sales tax, the overall cost of living in San Antonio is significantly lower than in other major cities. One financial advantage is the absence of a state income tax. Food, childcare, healthcare, and transportation costs are all lower than in other US cities. Food and childcare costs, for example, are half what they would be in San Francisco.

Great Work Opportunity

While San Antonio may not be as well-known as other metropolises, it is an industrial hub for many manufacturing companies, including Toyota. Local military bases and tourism create a tremendous demand for the service and entertainment industries, too. Visitors enjoy the city’s historical sites like The Alamo and San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.  The famous Riverwalk, with its shops, cafes, galleries, and restaurants, attracts visitors from all over the world.  Museums and other cultural sites are enjoyable for residents and visitors, also. The vibrant manufacturing and service industry job markets in San Antonio attract people from other cities and states.


Month2Month maintains that San Antonio is a city with great potential for the housing market. We have confidently invested in this city, acquiring multiple single-family residences in San Antonio. If you have any inquiries in San Antonio, make Month2Month your first choice.

Customer Service of Month2Month

Our customer’s satisfaction is everything for us. Meanwhile, for our BD partners like you, we always want to go extra miles to take care of your clients when they stay with Month2Month so that you can be relieved from all the hassles. 

In this blog, we want to let you know how we handle our customer service so that you can always choose Month2Month’s products and services without any worries.  

For small issues:

For small issues, Month2Month requires our customer service team to fix the issues within 36 hours. Whenever our customers encounter situations that do not need new parts or too much labor, we will ensure that such issues can be fixed as soon as possible.

For issues which need new parts and extra labor:

We always inspect our properties thoroughly before the next move-in. However, we do need to foresee the possibility of potential unexpected issues. Month2Month requires our customer service team to fix such issues within 72 hours. Even if we need to order new parts, we will offer temporary solutions to ensure the quality of our customers’ living experience. 


Contact us today! We always have the best inventory in the best locations. We always actively seek opportunities in more US major cities while providing our customers with the best possible living experience which they cannot easily forget. 


Enjoy Your COOL Summer in A Furnished Housing with Swimming Pools

We know this summer can be extremely hot. According to Yahoo, today, the temperature of Minnesota even hits 100 Fahrenheit so it won’t be hard for us to speculate how hot the weather will be in states like California and Florida this year.  

However, the high temperature won’t stop travellers. Although the pandemic is still shadowing most areas in the world, America does see the lights at the end of the tunnel because of the high vaccination rate. Domestic travel will resume significantly, bringing strong needs for housing in the rental market. 

We have discussed what to consider when it comes to whether to pick furnished temporary housings or hotels in our previous blogs. For travellers who want to avoid the hotness this summer with privacy and potential need for social distancing, a furnished temporary housing with swimming pool would be ideal. 

How we manage furnished housings with swimming pools in our properties. 

For Month2Month, as a company, we always want the best possible living environment for our customers. For properties with swimming pools, we have a set of strict requirements for our employees or contractors to fulfill. 

Let me give you a glimpse. Each month, a dedicated team will inspect and maintain the swimming pool. Leaves and debris will be picked up; the entire swimming pool will be vacuumed; Filters will be cleaned or replaced and water chemistry will be balanced professionally.  

Some Month2Month‘s furnished housings with swimming pools:


12920 Orangeburg Ave, San Diego, CA 92129


104 Electra, Irvine, CA 92618


3563 Frazier St, Baldwin Park, CA 91706:



2411 Dubai St, Kissimmee, FL 34747


850 Sticks St, Championsgate, FL 33896


2412 Tangier Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747


8655 La Isla Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747


9022 Rhodes St, Kissimmee, FL 34747




From Holidale to Month2Month

Holidale has officially rebranded itself to Month2Month with a new business model that provides innovative relocation services with flexible terms to the rental housing market. 

The CEO of Holidale, the predecessor company of Month2Month, Yong Liu today announced that the company totay is officially rebranded from a vacation housing platform to a temporary housing innovator that offers furnished single family housing with flexible terms to clients with relocation needs. 

“The market segment for flexible term housing today is immature and not well developed”, said Yong, ” and our vision is to take the responsibility to build a mature market with best flexible term housing inventory and matching high-quality services to people with needs”.  

Such transformation marks the new era for the company. Instead of focusing on vacation rentals, Month2Month believes that its temporary furnished housings with flexible terms can bring great values and convenience for a diverse customer base to meet various relocation needs. 

Holidale’s core assets have been absorbed into Month2Month with streamlined processes catering to this unique housing market.  “We are very proud of our seasoned team with accumulated decades of experience in vacation housing, property management and real estate investment”, said Yong, “And we will fully devote our dedicated team to provide continuous high-quality services and products to our valued partners and customers”. 

To better serve our partners and customers, We recently also launched its newly developed website month2month.com. With newly engineered design and features, the Month2Month team is confident that the new website can offer smooth and user-centric experiences for our partners and customers throughout their entire relocation journey with us. 

About Us

Month2Month is a trendy and innovative way of living for professionals and families who have relocation needs. All of our properties are fully furnished with month-to-month flexible terms and no strings attached. Month2month aims to revolutionize the rental industry by creating a market that comes with beautifully furnished housings with flexible rental terms.



City Spotlight: Why San Diego is Our Next Target for Temporary Housing

As a professional property management company and furnished temporary housing platform, Month2Month always provide the best products and services for our customers. As we keep expanding, San Diego becomes one of our next targets as it has a huge potential for housing in the local market.

In California, despite cities such as Irvine, Costa Mesa and Anaheim we have been continuously investing in, Month2Month has noticed that San Diego is the next market with huge potential that worths investment. 

Why choose San Diego as our next target market for temporary housing?

Gifts from the Nature:

Same as other cities in California, San Diego has the best climate throughout the whole year. Nevertheless, it is also a beautiful scenic city for its beaches and tourist attractions. The development of tourism ensures the potential of the local housing market.

Economic Development:

Owing to international trades and other major industries, the economy of San Diego develops rapidly. San Diego hosts several major wireless cellular technology producers and UCSD is the pioneer of biotechnology, which let plenty of people choose this city to relocate.

Friendly Neighbourhood:

The security level for most communities in San Diego is way higher than the average. Also, with mostly well-educated residents, the living atmosphere among neighborhoods is always open and friendly, which also makes San Diego a good choice for investment.

In conclusion, we believe San Diego is a big market with infinite potential for rental housing. Month2Month will always monitor the rental housing market and is dedicated to provide the best products and services for our customers in more areas. 


Our Temporary Housing Inventory in San Diego:

8252 Via Escalada, San Diego, CA 92129

12920 Orangeburg Ave, San Diego, CA 92129