How to Make Our Temporary Housings Attractive in Rental Housing Market

The supply in the rental housing market today is more than sufficient and only homes with delicate decorations and high quality services attached can earn customers’ attention. To be more competitive and attractive in the rental housing market, here are some tips we recommend homeowners to do. 

Decorate your home with personalities

Your home’s decoration is an expansion of your personality. No tenants will appreciate living in cold and standardized temporary housings while they are away from home. If everything is standardized, what’s the difference between your valued house with a hotel? Think this way: what do you expect when picking a temporary housing when you have to relocate? I bet you will love to be accommodated with the feeling of human and love. 

Put yourself in tenants’ shoes

Again, your valued house is not a hotel and this is how your tenants will expect. The most critical difference between temporary housing and a hotel is the atmosphere of home. In that case, you may consider to decorate your house like a home. Put a key holder and coat hanger beside the door; prepare a start kind of necessities like towel and toilet paper and maybe set up wifi for your tenants’ convenience can also be a good choice.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to always clean your home thoroughly every time before a tenant is ready to move in.   

Still sounds very exhausting? Don’t worry, Month2Month have your back! We provide an all-inclusive service from furnishing to cleaning to ensure the tenants will love their stay and your loved property can stay in its best condition. With Month2Month, your home will be very competitive in the rental housing market. 


Business Travel: Furnished Temporary Rentals Can be a Wise Choice

As more people get vaccinated every day in this country, optimism about business prospects grows. People are beginning to feel it’s safe and smart to resume business travel.  While today’s technology has allowed business meetings to continue during the pandemic, nothing can replace in-person presentations, interactions, and negotiations in the business realm.

As the world returns to normal and business travelers need to decide on the best accommodation solution, what should they choose? 

Hotels are one option.  Hotels can offer predictable, standard hospitality, but they are impersonal, and, because of the pandemic, business travelers are turning to a smarter alternative. 

Furnished temporary housing offers several advantages to business travelers. As the temporary housing industry has continued to develop and improve over recent years, many short-term housing management companies offer private, residential housings with hotel-style amenities. These accommodations can also provide some features hotels cannot.

Advantages of furnished temporary housing compared with hotels for business travel

 Privacy and Social Distancing. 

In a hotel, you can expect to meet your neighbor every time you take the elevator, go to the front desk, or sit down for breakfast in the dining room.  After living through the difficult past year, business travelers have grown to appreciate more privacy and safer distancing from fellow travelers. If they choose a furnished temporary house rather than a public hotel, they will feel safer because of its privacy and distancing. 

 Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle Away from Home

By choosing a hotel for your business travel accommodation solution, you will likely have a choice between ordering take-out food or sitting with fellow travelers in a public restaurant. Neither alternative is very healthy. If you pick furnished temporary housing, you will have the kitchen at your disposal. Everything from appliances to pots and pans is provided for you—order some groceries delivered and cook your favorite, healthy food for much less money.

Relaxed, Home-Like Atmosphere

When you are a business traveler, the novelty of fancy 5-star hotels gets old fast.  You miss home comforts and atmosphere and feel cooped up, tired, and stressed.

Temporary housing is a comfortable, relaxing home away from home where you can unwind and relax. Rather than a stiff and formal hotel atmosphere, furnished temporary accommodation will give you a home-like environment with homey furniture and decorations. 

So, hotels for business travel are nice but impersonal and not as safe as you might like them to be.  A short-term temporary private residence rental gives you a comfortable, home-like atmosphere and complete privacy. You won’t worry about getting too close to your neighbors. You can also have home-cooked, healthy food rather than take-out or hotel food.

For Month2Month, we have a wide selection of furnished temporary housings in hot areas across the country. We are confident that our services and products can offer business travelers with great living experiences.



Property Investment: Invest Wisely with Month2Month in 2021

One of the key reasons Month2Month succeeds is about property investment. Some metropolitan areas, like New York or San Francisco are known for the highest real estate costs in the nation.  There are other popular American metropolitan areas where real estate costs less and the future promises growth. By investing in properties in these areas and letting Month2Month manage them through our short-term relocation and insurance rental system, you will make more money.

Here are some metropolitan areas you should consider for property Investment:



Today, Houston’s real estate market is believed to be undervalued. As a matter of fact, the price for the majority of properties in Houston is 15% below the current fair market value. Meanwhile, Houston today is a very attractive city for relocation, leading to the booming of the local housing rental market and many homeowners claim that their home has a zero vacancy rate all year around. Last but not least, the 3-year appreciation forecast of properties in Houston is 10.5%.



Besides Houston, Atlanta can also be a great place for property investment. Compared with many other major metropolitan areas in the country, in Atlanta, the property prices are considerably lower, starting only at $70,000. Also, it is reported that more than 2 millions people are expected to move to Atlanta by 2030, which will significantly impact the local real estate and rental market will be booming. Lastly, because of the low property starting price and the forecast of new immigrants, the 3-year appreciation rate for prosperities in Atlanta will be more than 9.3%.


Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is famous for its tourism. The prosperity of local tourism also bring local real estate market a great opportunity to develop. As more tourists and professionals move to the city, the rents of local rental market have been significantly increased. Besides, in Las Vegas, the average home price is around $200,000, which has increased 11% recently.


Once you’ve studies these three cases, you will understand the potential in the real estate market and furthermore, the housing rental market.  Contact Month2Month for more information on investing in rental property or listing your property with us. You’ll earn double or triple the average rent you get from traditional long-term leasing.

Safety and security are Property Management Company’s Priorities

Safety and security should always be a property management company’s priorities. It can be hard for a temporary resident to know what safety issues to worry about in a prospective house. You can rely on us. For Month2Month, we always make our guests’ safety and well-being along with our homeowners’ properties’ condition our top priorities.

Here are a few items on our temporary housing safety checklist we rigorously check. 

Smoke Detector: 

Smoke detectors save lives. We inspect all the smoke detectors to make sure they are functioning well. At home, you might check your detectors every six months or so. Month2month checks them every time new guests move in.  You never know when you might need them.  According to the data, three out of five people who died in fires live without working smoke detectors.

Water Heater:

Water heater may be an item that many people overlook but professional property management companies and temporary housing providers should always take water heaters seriously.  Before anyone moves in, we check the water heaters in temporary housing for leaks and adjust the settings to a safe temperature to avoid burning guests.

Columbia Plumbing Services

Door Locks:

Standard door locks are notoriously insecure. You can hope that all landlords and guests are good, honest people but you can never be sure that there aren’t duplicate keys to your temporary house floating around somewhere.   It’s impossible to track and trace every existing key. Month2M

onth always uses a smart home system with key management function in short-term residences. A smart home system with key management function can generate different sets of codes for different people and entry purposes so that landlords and tenants can feel secure.

Our homeowners’ properties’ condition and our guests’ safety and security are important to us. At Month2Month, a professional property management company , we check a long list of potential concerns from lighting and locks to smoke detectors and fire extinguishers every time a new guest moves in. Your safe in our hands.

Rosenberg: A great place to invest temporary housing for relocation needs.

As a professional property management and furnished temporary housing provider, we do realize the market saturation is at a very high level in Houston and that’s why we started to focus on other surrounding areas of Houston to satisfy relocation needs. What’s the point to keep investing in the Houston metropolitan area when there is more than enough relocation housings on the market? What about those people with relocation needs who actually prefer some rural or suburban life? 

And we chose Rosenbury as an ideal place for relocation needs and for us to invest in relocation housing. It took less than an hour  to travel from Rosenbury to downtown Houston while Rosebury may have much more to offer compared with Houston. 

Why Rosenberg: A great place to invest temporary housing for relocation needs.

Livability Score: 

Rosenberg, TX receives 80 out of 100 for its livability score; this results in a ranking of #365 in Texas and #1,641 in the USA. Compared to the US average, Rosenberg ranks among some of the best places to live in the country! Houston is 1 score below Rosenberg! 

Safe Neighborhood: 

According to FBI data, Rosenberg has a relatively small crime rate compared with other cities in Texas including Houston. 

Huge potential for Housing:

Rosenberg today is famous for its diverse economy and low living cost, which will draw more and more people to live there and therefore, boost the housing industry in Rosenberg. Our business is highly tied with the prosperity of different areas’ housing industry and we do maintain the potential in the Roseberg housing industry will be beneficial for our business expansion. 

In conclusion, as Month2Month forward, we not only need to focus on popular markets and instead, we should also bet on other surrounding areas with promising futures. Please click here to know more about our inventory in Rosenberg, TX. 


Portland Relocation: It Is Wise to Consider Portland for Relocation

After Month2Month started our journey in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas, we are pleased to announce our expansion into vibrant Portland, Oregon, for your relocation needs and we believe it is wise to consider Portland for relocation needs.

Portland, OR, is a vibrant, beautiful city with rich culture and history. The town has developed into a tourism hub and business center for the entire country. Many tourists and business people come to this city for travel and trade. Every month more people move to Portland to start new jobs and chapters in their lives.

Here are several reasons why you should consider Portland for Relocation

Portland Relocation| Job Opportunities

            Many people today must relocate because of their jobs. Portland, as a technology and innovation hub, has a huge demand for talent. Many people move to Portland to start a new career and must find relocation housing quickly. Companies often need employees from other cities to come to Portland for months while projects are completed. They need relocation housing.

Portland Relocation| No Sales Tax

            No sales tax is a huge selling point for Oregon. People today travel to Portland to enjoy tax-free shopping. People who plan extended visits to the city need temporary housing.

Portland Relocation| Great Transportation Infrastructure

            Portland’s great transportation infrastructure attracts more businesses to the city every day. As people come to this city, for business or pleasure, they fall in love with the great living environment and sometimes consider finding temporary housing. Traveling in and out of Portland is so easy; people love to live here.

Portland Relocation| Beautiful Environment and Food for Tourism

            Every year, tourists flood Portland for its festivals and cultural events. They also come to experience wonderful entertainment, attractions, and tasty food. These tourists create a huge market for temporary housing, and we believe this could be a great opportunity for Month2Month. 


Month2Month believes Portland is a great city and ideal for relocation needs. We continue to seek out every opportunity for relocation housings in all major cities in the US, and our ambition is to expand to more states and areas soon. Please click here to see our advantages compared with others for relocation housings and services. 


Good Reviews on Month2Month

For Month2Month, we look for the nicest houses in the best neighborhoods. We make the relocation experience as comfortable and hassle free as we can. We give our guests excellent customer service.  Does our system work? Are we doing things right?The proof is in the reviews. Month2month is proud to share some of the many enthusiastically positive reviews we have received from short-term leasing guests.

We strive as a company to offer the nicest, flexible-term, furnished houses, and a hassle-free relocation experience. We are proud of our accomplishments and are appreciative of all the wonderful reviews we are receiving from partners and customers.

Recent Good Reviews on Month2Month

Nicest Houses

“Property located on a beautiful lake. The kitchen features nice appliances and open space for eating. The place is full of light. I would recommend this place in a minute.”

“corner house… Nice covered seating area. Open downstairs floorplan”

“This house was absolutely beautiful and perfect for my family”

“It’s a beautifully designed space with everything you could possibly need. Beautiful high-end space you will enjoy”

“beautiful, clean home. My family and I had a great time. 100% recommend. “

Best Neighborhoods-

“ excellent parks and open spaces. Heated community pool.”

“ in a very nice location”

“ one mile walking path”

“ the neighborhood has so many stores and restaurants, I can’t even count”

“close to I-5 for easy travel and return”

“ This is a perfect location and we highly recommend it”

 Excellent Customer Service-

“Ashley Dig the Holadale (Month2month) representative was very responsive to taking care of any minor maintenance issues and following up to make sure it was completed”

“The host responded quickly to all of our questions and our stay went well. Happy with our decision”

“Hosts responded quickly to any questions and it was squeaky clean”

“Hosts were welcoming and attentive.”


Thanks again for the good reviews on Month2Month. Our success has allowed Month2month to successfully expanded into six states including California, Florida, Texas, and Oregon. We are dedicated to continuing to provide beautiful houses and excellent customer service and plan to continue adding locations until we are in all 50 states.

Why choose Month2Month as your relocation housing provider

Choosing a relocation housing supplier can be a real hassle. A qualified relocation housing supplier should check many boxes to make you feel at home even away from home. 

For Month2Month, we absolutely understand all sore points in this process. Here we have a list to show what we think might be challenging for people when choosing a relocation housing supplier.

Basic Requirements for A Relocation Housing Supplier:

1. Ample choices in designated area;

Many people today are not able to find the perfect relocation house in the perfect place. The most important reason could be their relocation housing suppliers don’t have enough inventory in certain areas.

2. Cleaning and comfy environment;

Cleaning and comfy sounds basic for a relocation housing. However, not many suppliers can really provide such living environment. Without standardized services and products, it could be difficult to ensure that all customer will receive equally high quality service and products.

3. Professional team for customer support.

A professional team within your relocation housing supplier can be the key to ensure the best living environment. Without them, you may find it difficult to set up everything smoothly and solve every possible situations you might encounter in your relocation experience efficiently.

However, as you may know, there are few housing suppliers that really meet these requirements. Month2Month is one of them, we have:

1. Dedicated staff members

All our staff members are experienced in real-estate and housing industry. We are dedicated to provide you a whole-package service including tour, rental, cleaning and other services. You don’t need to worry about anything in the entire whole process. We have you covered. 

2. Standardized service and products for each of every housing

Today, many tenants are complaining about the service and products they get from their housing suppliers. For Month2Month, we value our brand reputation and your living experience.  We designed our own mechanism, including our self-developed app to track housing conditions to ensure the best for our customers.

3. Endless potential in housing supply.

We have a group of loyal investors who we have dealt with for years. They trust our judgement in the real-estate industry and are always ready to buy-in to provide housing inventory for furnished rental purposes in hot markets. 



Smart System for Our Rental Properties

Smart System Offers New Solution for Property management

For Month2Month, as a company, we are dedicated to offering the high quality service and hassle-free living environment for our guests. In many of our properties, we started to equip smart systems to better manage our beautiful inventories and Point Central is our suppliers.

By setting our homes up with smart systems with real-time alerts, our maintenance staff can anticipate potential problems before they happen.

With Smart Systems in place you:

1. Cut down on complaints and save on staff stress and administrative costs.
2. Prevent costly HVAC emergencies and other expensive maintenance projects.
3. Attract customers who look for hassle-free living.

For more information about our choice of smart system from Point Central, you can click here to visit their website for more information.

Again, Month2Month always want to make the living experiences of our guests smooth and easy. We will keep up with the trendy technology and invest on our dedicated management team to ensure our guests to be satisfied.

Please visit Month2Month website to request for housing.

Hotel VS Temporary Housing


Hotel or Temporary Housing? It’s a decision you may have to make after something happened to your house and you have to relocate.

In the past 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic and several natural disasters have dramatically increased the need for relocation services. People have suddenly found themselves in the market for temporary housing to quarantine themselves and protect their loved ones from Covid-19. Many others have needed to find temporary accommodations because unexpected and unprecedented storms damaged their homes. The two options people in these situations have are hotels and temporary housing. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two options. 


If something unfortunate happens, and you need to leave your home, your insurance company may quickly place you and your family into a hotel. In a hotel, you can expect standard hospitality services, security, and environment. People appreciate hotel life’s predictable nature and like the extra entertainment and recreational opportunities they might have.

Temporary Housing:

While hotels do have certain advantages, there is still a huge demand for short-term residential housing. There are several reasons for this. In recent years, the temporary housing industry has developed and become very sophisticated. Reputable short-term housing suppliers can now offer residential choices that rival hotels in their level of luxury and amenities. Professional temporary housing suppliers regularly equip their homes with the latest appliances and security systems. They hire professional cleaning teams to make sure the house is always immaculate and welcoming for arriving guests.

Temporary accommodations are also typically more family and pet-friendly compared with hotels. A single-family house provides enough space for you and your family to enjoy your time together. It also provides enough room for family members to have time away from one another when they want it.  Most hotels have restrictions on pets, and your furry family members may not be able to stay with you. 

In a hotel, you live close to others, and privacy is difficult. In a house, you can maintain a distance between your family and the neighbors. This advantage is especially desirable during the present COVID-19 pandemic. People hope to stay away from others for safety reasons.

In conclusion, we do think hotels have some advantages, but as the temporary housing industry continues to develop, these advantages may gradually shrink. A good temporary housing supplier can provide customers with professionally managed properties with clean, tasteful living environments just like hotels offer.  They can also give people family and pet-friendly locations that provide them with space and privacy too.

If you need relocation housing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us: