Business Travel: Furnished Temporary Rentals Can be a Wise Choice

As more people get vaccinated every day in this country, optimism about business prospects grows. People are beginning to feel it’s safe and smart to resume business travel.  While today’s technology has allowed business meetings to continue during the pandemic, nothing can replace in-person presentations, interactions, and negotiations in the business realm.

As the world returns to normal and business travelers need to decide on the best accommodation solution, what should they choose? 

Hotels are one option.  Hotels can offer predictable, standard hospitality, but they are impersonal, and, because of the pandemic, business travelers are turning to a smarter alternative. 

Furnished temporary housing offers several advantages to business travelers. As the temporary housing industry has continued to develop and improve over recent years, many short-term housing management companies offer private, residential housings with hotel-style amenities. These accommodations can also provide some features hotels cannot.

Advantages of furnished temporary housing compared with hotels for business travel

 Privacy and Social Distancing. 

In a hotel, you can expect to meet your neighbor every time you take the elevator, go to the front desk, or sit down for breakfast in the dining room.  After living through the difficult past year, business travelers have grown to appreciate more privacy and safer distancing from fellow travelers. If they choose a furnished temporary house rather than a public hotel, they will feel safer because of its privacy and distancing. 

 Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle Away from Home

By choosing a hotel for your business travel accommodation solution, you will likely have a choice between ordering take-out food or sitting with fellow travelers in a public restaurant. Neither alternative is very healthy. If you pick furnished temporary housing, you will have the kitchen at your disposal. Everything from appliances to pots and pans is provided for you—order some groceries delivered and cook your favorite, healthy food for much less money.

Relaxed, Home-Like Atmosphere

When you are a business traveler, the novelty of fancy 5-star hotels gets old fast.  You miss home comforts and atmosphere and feel cooped up, tired, and stressed.

Temporary housing is a comfortable, relaxing home away from home where you can unwind and relax. Rather than a stiff and formal hotel atmosphere, furnished temporary accommodation will give you a home-like environment with homey furniture and decorations. 

So, hotels for business travel are nice but impersonal and not as safe as you might like them to be.  A short-term temporary private residence rental gives you a comfortable, home-like atmosphere and complete privacy. You won’t worry about getting too close to your neighbors. You can also have home-cooked, healthy food rather than take-out or hotel food.

For Month2Month, we have a wide selection of furnished temporary housings in hot areas across the country. We are confident that our services and products can offer business travelers with great living experiences.



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