Property Investment: Invest Wisely with Month2Month in 2021

One of the key reasons Month2Month succeeds is about property investment. Some metropolitan areas, like New York or San Francisco are known for the highest real estate costs in the nation.  There are other popular American metropolitan areas where real estate costs less and the future promises growth. By investing in properties in these areas and letting Month2Month manage them through our short-term relocation and insurance rental system, you will make more money.

Here are some metropolitan areas you should consider for property Investment:



Today, Houston’s real estate market is believed to be undervalued. As a matter of fact, the price for the majority of properties in Houston is 15% below the current fair market value. Meanwhile, Houston today is a very attractive city for relocation, leading to the booming of the local housing rental market and many homeowners claim that their home has a zero vacancy rate all year around. Last but not least, the 3-year appreciation forecast of properties in Houston is 10.5%.



Besides Houston, Atlanta can also be a great place for property investment. Compared with many other major metropolitan areas in the country, in Atlanta, the property prices are considerably lower, starting only at $70,000. Also, it is reported that more than 2 millions people are expected to move to Atlanta by 2030, which will significantly impact the local real estate and rental market will be booming. Lastly, because of the low property starting price and the forecast of new immigrants, the 3-year appreciation rate for prosperities in Atlanta will be more than 9.3%.


Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is famous for its tourism. The prosperity of local tourism also bring local real estate market a great opportunity to develop. As more tourists and professionals move to the city, the rents of local rental market have been significantly increased. Besides, in Las Vegas, the average home price is around $200,000, which has increased 11% recently.


Once you’ve studies these three cases, you will understand the potential in the real estate market and furthermore, the housing rental market.  Contact Month2Month for more information on investing in rental property or listing your property with us. You’ll earn double or triple the average rent you get from traditional long-term leasing.

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