Safety and security are Property Management Company’s Priorities

Safety and security should always be a property management company’s priorities. It can be hard for a temporary resident to know what safety issues to worry about in a prospective house. You can rely on us. For Month2Month, we always make our guests’ safety and well-being along with our homeowners’ properties’ condition our top priorities.

Here are a few items on our temporary housing safety checklist we rigorously check. 

Smoke Detector: 

Smoke detectors save lives. We inspect all the smoke detectors to make sure they are functioning well. At home, you might check your detectors every six months or so. Month2month checks them every time new guests move in.  You never know when you might need them.  According to the data, three out of five people who died in fires live without working smoke detectors.

Water Heater:

Water heater may be an item that many people overlook but professional property management companies and temporary housing providers should always take water heaters seriously.  Before anyone moves in, we check the water heaters in temporary housing for leaks and adjust the settings to a safe temperature to avoid burning guests.

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Door Locks:

Standard door locks are notoriously insecure. You can hope that all landlords and guests are good, honest people but you can never be sure that there aren’t duplicate keys to your temporary house floating around somewhere.   It’s impossible to track and trace every existing key. Month2M

onth always uses a smart home system with key management function in short-term residences. A smart home system with key management function can generate different sets of codes for different people and entry purposes so that landlords and tenants can feel secure.

Our homeowners’ properties’ condition and our guests’ safety and security are important to us. At Month2Month, a professional property management company , we check a long list of potential concerns from lighting and locks to smoke detectors and fire extinguishers every time a new guest moves in. Your safe in our hands.

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