Rosenberg: A great place to invest temporary housing for relocation needs.

As a professional property management and furnished temporary housing provider, we do realize the market saturation is at a very high level in Houston and that’s why we started to focus on other surrounding areas of Houston to satisfy relocation needs. What’s the point to keep investing in the Houston metropolitan area when there is more than enough relocation housings on the market? What about those people with relocation needs who actually prefer some rural or suburban life? 

And we chose Rosenbury as an ideal place for relocation needs and for us to invest in relocation housing. It took less than an hour  to travel from Rosenbury to downtown Houston while Rosebury may have much more to offer compared with Houston. 

Why Rosenberg: A great place to invest temporary housing for relocation needs.

Livability Score: 

Rosenberg, TX receives 80 out of 100 for its livability score; this results in a ranking of #365 in Texas and #1,641 in the USA. Compared to the US average, Rosenberg ranks among some of the best places to live in the country! Houston is 1 score below Rosenberg! 

Safe Neighborhood: 

According to FBI data, Rosenberg has a relatively small crime rate compared with other cities in Texas including Houston. 

Huge potential for Housing:

Rosenberg today is famous for its diverse economy and low living cost, which will draw more and more people to live there and therefore, boost the housing industry in Rosenberg. Our business is highly tied with the prosperity of different areas’ housing industry and we do maintain the potential in the Roseberg housing industry will be beneficial for our business expansion. 

In conclusion, as Month2Month forward, we not only need to focus on popular markets and instead, we should also bet on other surrounding areas with promising futures. Please click here to know more about our inventory in Rosenberg, TX. 


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