Portland Relocation: It Is Wise to Consider Portland for Relocation

After Month2Month started our journey in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas, we are pleased to announce our expansion into vibrant Portland, Oregon, for your relocation needs and we believe it is wise to consider Portland for relocation needs.

Portland, OR, is a vibrant, beautiful city with rich culture and history. The town has developed into a tourism hub and business center for the entire country. Many tourists and business people come to this city for travel and trade. Every month more people move to Portland to start new jobs and chapters in their lives. 


Here are several reasons why you should consider Portland for Relocation

Portland Relocation| Job Opportunities

            Many people today must relocate because of their jobs. Portland, as a technology and innovation hub, has a huge demand for talent. Many people move to Portland to start a new career and must find relocation housing quickly. Companies often need employees from other cities to come to Portland for months while projects are completed. They need relocation housing.


Portland Relocation| No Sales Tax

            No sales tax is a huge selling point for Oregon. People today travel to Portland to enjoy tax-free shopping. People who plan extended visits to the city need temporary housing. 


Portland Relocation| Great Transportation Infrastructure

            Portland’s great transportation infrastructure attracts more businesses to the city every day. As people come to this city, for business or pleasure, they fall in love with the great living environment and sometimes consider finding temporary housing. Traveling in and out of Portland is so easy; people love to live here. 


Portland Relocation| Beautiful Environment and Food for Tourism

            Every year, tourists flood Portland for its festivals and cultural events. They also come to experience wonderful entertainment, attractions, and tasty food. These tourists create a huge market for temporary housing, and we believe this could be a great opportunity for Month2Month. 


Month2Month believes Portland is a great city and ideal for relocation needs. We continue to seek out every opportunity for relocation housings in all major cities in the US, and our ambition is to expand to more states and areas soon. Please click here to see our advantages compared with others for relocation housings and services. 


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