Good Reviews on Month2Month

For Month2Month, we look for the nicest houses in the best neighborhoods. We make the relocation experience as comfortable and hassle free as we can. We give our guests excellent customer service.  Does our system work? Are we doing things right?The proof is in the reviews. Month2month is proud to share some of the many enthusiastically positive reviews we have received from short-term leasing guests.

We strive as a company to offer the nicest, flexible-term, furnished houses, and a hassle-free relocation experience. We are proud of our accomplishments and are appreciative of all the wonderful reviews we are receiving from partners and customers.

Recent Good Reviews on Month2Month

Nicest Houses

“Property located on a beautiful lake. The kitchen features nice appliances and open space for eating. The place is full of light. I would recommend this place in a minute.”

“corner house… Nice covered seating area. Open downstairs floorplan”

“This house was absolutely beautiful and perfect for my family”

“It’s a beautifully designed space with everything you could possibly need. Beautiful high-end space you will enjoy”

“beautiful, clean home. My family and I had a great time. 100% recommend. “

Best Neighborhoods-

“ excellent parks and open spaces. Heated community pool.”

“ in a very nice location”

“ one mile walking path”

“ the neighborhood has so many stores and restaurants, I can’t even count”

“close to I-5 for easy travel and return”

“ This is a perfect location and we highly recommend it”

 Excellent Customer Service-

“Ashley Dig the Holadale (Month2month) representative was very responsive to taking care of any minor maintenance issues and following up to make sure it was completed”

“The host responded quickly to all of our questions and our stay went well. Happy with our decision”

“Hosts responded quickly to any questions and it was squeaky clean”

“Hosts were welcoming and attentive.”


Thanks again for the good reviews on Month2Month. Our success has allowed Month2month to successfully expanded into six states including California, Florida, Texas, and Oregon. We are dedicated to continuing to provide beautiful houses and excellent customer service and plan to continue adding locations until we are in all 50 states.

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