Why choose Month2Month as your relocation housing provider

Choosing a relocation housing supplier can be a real hassle. A qualified relocation housing supplier should check many boxes to make you feel at home even away from home. 

For Month2Month, we absolutely understand all sore points in this process. Here we have a list to show what we think might be challenging for people when choosing a relocation housing supplier.

Basic Requirements for A Relocation Housing Supplier:

1. Ample choices in designated area;

Many people today are not able to find the perfect relocation house in the perfect place. The most important reason could be their relocation housing suppliers don’t have enough inventory in certain areas.

2. Cleaning and comfy environment;

Cleaning and comfy sounds basic for a relocation housing. However, not many suppliers can really provide such living environment. Without standardized services and products, it could be difficult to ensure that all customer will receive equally high quality service and products.

3. Professional team for customer support.

A professional team within your relocation housing supplier can be the key to ensure the best living environment. Without them, you may find it difficult to set up everything smoothly and solve every possible situations you might encounter in your relocation experience efficiently.

However, as you may know, there are few housing suppliers that really meet these requirements. Month2Month is one of them, we have:

1. Dedicated staff members

All our staff members are experienced in real-estate and housing industry. We are dedicated to provide you a whole-package service including tour, rental, cleaning and other services. You don’t need to worry about anything in the entire whole process. We have you covered. 

2. Standardized service and products for each of every housing

Today, many tenants are complaining about the service and products they get from their housing suppliers. For Month2Month, we value our brand reputation and your living experience.  We designed our own mechanism, including our self-developed app to track housing conditions to ensure the best for our customers.

3. Endless potential in housing supply.

We have a group of loyal investors who we have dealt with for years. They trust our judgement in the real-estate industry and are always ready to buy-in to provide housing inventory for furnished rental purposes in hot markets. 



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