How to Make Our Temporary Housings Attractive in Rental Housing Market

The supply in the rental housing market today is more than sufficient and only homes with delicate decorations and high quality services attached can earn customers’ attention. To be more competitive and attractive in the rental housing market, here are some tips we recommend homeowners to do. 

Decorate your home with personalities

Your home’s decoration is an expansion of your personality. No tenants will appreciate living in cold and standardized temporary housings while they are away from home. If everything is standardized, what’s the difference between your valued house with a hotel? Think this way: what do you expect when picking a temporary housing when you have to relocate? I bet you will love to be accommodated with the feeling of human and love. 

Put yourself in tenants’ shoes

Again, your valued house is not a hotel and this is how your tenants will expect. The most critical difference between temporary housing and a hotel is the atmosphere of home. In that case, you may consider to decorate your house like a home. Put a key holder and coat hanger beside the door; prepare a start kind of necessities like towel and toilet paper and maybe set up wifi for your tenants’ convenience can also be a good choice.  Meanwhile, don’t forget to always clean your home thoroughly every time before a tenant is ready to move in.   

Still sounds very exhausting? Don’t worry, Month2Month have your back! We provide an all-inclusive service from furnishing to cleaning to ensure the tenants will love their stay and your loved property can stay in its best condition. With Month2Month, your home will be very competitive in the rental housing market. 


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