Customer Service of Month2Month

Our customer’s satisfaction is everything for us. Meanwhile, for our BD partners like you, we always want to go extra miles to take care of your clients when they stay with Month2Month so that you can be relieved from all the hassles. 

In this blog, we want to let you know how we handle our customer service so that you can always choose Month2Month’s products and services without any worries.  

For small issues:

For small issues, Month2Month requires our customer service team to fix the issues within 36 hours. Whenever our customers encounter situations that do not need new parts or too much labor, we will ensure that such issues can be fixed as soon as possible.

For issues which need new parts and extra labor:

We always inspect our properties thoroughly before the next move-in. However, we do need to foresee the possibility of potential unexpected issues. Month2Month requires our customer service team to fix such issues within 72 hours. Even if we need to order new parts, we will offer temporary solutions to ensure the quality of our customers’ living experience. 


Contact us today! We always have the best inventory in the best locations. We always actively seek opportunities in more US major cities while providing our customers with the best possible living experience which they cannot easily forget. 


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