City Spotlight: Why San Diego is Our Next Target for Temporary Housing

As a professional property management company and furnished temporary housing platform, Month2Month always provide the best products and services for our customers. As we keep expanding, San Diego becomes one of our next targets as it has a huge potential for housing in the local market.

In California, despite cities such as Irvine, Costa Mesa and Anaheim we have been continuously investing in, Month2Month has noticed that San Diego is the next market with huge potential that worths investment. 

Why choose San Diego as our next target market for temporary housing?

Gifts from the Nature:

Same as other cities in California, San Diego has the best climate throughout the whole year. Nevertheless, it is also a beautiful scenic city for its beaches and tourist attractions. The development of tourism ensures the potential of the local housing market.

Economic Development:

Owing to international trades and other major industries, the economy of San Diego develops rapidly. San Diego hosts several major wireless cellular technology producers and UCSD is the pioneer of biotechnology, which let plenty of people choose this city to relocate.

Friendly Neighbourhood:

The security level for most communities in San Diego is way higher than the average. Also, with mostly well-educated residents, the living atmosphere among neighborhoods is always open and friendly, which also makes San Diego a good choice for investment.

In conclusion, we believe San Diego is a big market with infinite potential for rental housing. Month2Month will always monitor the rental housing market and is dedicated to provide the best products and services for our customers in more areas. 


Our Temporary Housing Inventory in San Diego:

8252 Via Escalada, San Diego, CA 92129

12920 Orangeburg Ave, San Diego, CA 92129


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