From Holidale to Month2Month

Holidale has officially rebranded itself to Month2Month with a new business model that provides innovative relocation services with flexible terms to the rental housing market. 

The CEO of Holidale, the predecessor company of Month2Month, Yong Liu today announced that the company totay is officially rebranded from a vacation housing platform to a temporary housing innovator that offers furnished single family housing with flexible terms to clients with relocation needs. 

“The market segment for flexible term housing today is immature and not well developed”, said Yong, ” and our vision is to take the responsibility to build a mature market with best flexible term housing inventory and matching high-quality services to people with needs”.  

Such transformation marks the new era for the company. Instead of focusing on vacation rentals, Month2Month believes that its temporary furnished housings with flexible terms can bring great values and convenience for a diverse customer base to meet various relocation needs. 

Holidale’s core assets have been absorbed into Month2Month with streamlined processes catering to this unique housing market.  “We are very proud of our seasoned team with accumulated decades of experience in vacation housing, property management and real estate investment”, said Yong, “And we will fully devote our dedicated team to provide continuous high-quality services and products to our valued partners and customers”. 

To better serve our partners and customers, We recently also launched its newly developed website With newly engineered design and features, the Month2Month team is confident that the new website can offer smooth and user-centric experiences for our partners and customers throughout their entire relocation journey with us. 

About Us

Month2Month is a trendy and innovative way of living for professionals and families who have relocation needs. All of our properties are fully furnished with month-to-month flexible terms and no strings attached. Month2month aims to revolutionize the rental industry by creating a market that comes with beautifully furnished housings with flexible rental terms.



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