Irvine-Hidden Gem of Southern California — Irvine

When it comes to California, the first city that pops up will most likely be Los Angeles (LA); a city filled with history and reflection of how did California evolved over time. Unlike LA that has sustained the brutality of time, Irvine, the hidden Gem located 40 Miles south of LA is the epitome of Southern Californian’s typical small family neighborhood that resembles wealth and security.

A breathing culture of Dynamic and internationalism

Irvine breaths a dynamic that is not seen elsewhere. Mixture of Immigrants, 2nd and 3rd generations bring an intriguing perspective to the daily life of residents and visitors. An even distribution of beautiful small families, business professionals, promising students and first timers who seek to settle and begin an alluring life within the city fills Irvine with life, energy and optimism that leads to life and financial success.

The international Food Court

People LOVE food! Foodie is a 2nd career for students, families, working professionals and anybody who’d love to experience something new and refreshing. In a mere 66-square-mile (170 km2), Irvine offers hundreds of restaurants choice from multiple cultural background. From the traditional Japanese restaurant like Fukada (8683 Irvine Center Dr.) to the Vishnu (17945 Sky Par Cir.) if you wish to know what does Nirvana tastes like.


(Fukada, Spicy Tuna bowl)

(Vishnu, Lunch Buffet)

Want some Italian Passion? Located in the fashion hub Irvine Spectrum Center, CUCINA enoteca Irvine (532 Spectrum Center Dr.) gives a combination of authentic Italian with aesthetic presentation and ambience. The Spicy Shrimp Puttanesca fuses the fresh, savory and tangy tomato basil sauce with ocean fresh, perfectly cooked and seasoned shrimp scampi is a must have; not to mention a perfect place to have a date night with its wonderful wine collections.

If you are looking for some real deal to satisfy your Chinese taste bud, how about some Dim Sum at JZhou Oriental Cuisine (2601 Park Ave.) handcrafted by the finest chefs who specializes in making silk thin dumpling skin to wrap the flawlessly seasoned, perfectly balanced dumpling assortments will bring a flavor explosion in your mouth.

(CUCINA Enoteca, Spicy Shrimp Puttanesca)


(JZhou Oriental Cuisine, Dim Sum Assortments)

Finally, how can we forget about the good old American Burgers? Mick’s Karma Bar (2010 Main st. Ste 165) offers a good old fashion Burgers with a twist. Incorporating the cultural complexity of California and the influence of Hispanic seasoning and flavoring. The Habanero burger incorporates the best of both which creates a fusion flavor that you can never resist once you take a big bite into it!

(Mick’s Karma Bar, Habanero burger)


The Shopping Hub that offers it all

What good is a city without shopping center for women to go wild or offer dudes a chance to entice their lady? Irvine Spectrum Center and Fashion Island offers an unparalleled shopping experience that leaves people wanting to revisit it over and over. Not only because of the wide variety and selection offered to shoppers; but the open space, theme park vibe makes it an ideal shopping place for people of all age. If you are looking for some luxury shopping experience? Fashion Island located in the neighboring city of Newport Beach offers collection of luxury brands let you experience the very definition of opulence lifestyle.

(Irvine Spectrum Center)

(South Coast Plaza)

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