3 Ways to Save Money by Renting a Vacation Home

Planning a family vacation can be overwhelming, particularly when you start adding up how much it is going to cost. There are surprising ways to save money, however, that might not be on your radar. Believe it or not, staying at a Holidale vacation rental instead of in hotel rooms can save you quite a bit of money on your vacation. You can spend less money per room, cut your diningexpenses extensively and even save money on entertainment.

Room Expenses

You may be thinking that there is no way a vacation home is less expensive than a hotel. Search for vacation homes online, and you might find that the relative cost of renting a home is a delightful surprise. For example, let’s say your family wants to go on a beach vacation to California. You can rent a 2-bedroom home in Irvine, California, from holidale.com for $247 a night. A midgrade hotel with typical amenities is going to cost you at least $150 per room, so you can save $53 a night or more by booking the Holidale vacation rental. Your family gets more space and comparable perks for a better price.

Food Expenses

Dining costs are often the most alarming items on the vacationer’s budget. Who knew that something as simple as basic sustenance could drive up the overall cost of your getaway so dramatically? Dining out is fun, but if your family is going out for every meal while you are away, food could be the expense category that ends up costing you the most. If you rent a vacation home, however, you have the saving grace of a kitchen. Access to a kitchen in your Holidale vacation rental allows you to plan many of your meals and snacks frugally, making the meals you eat in restaurants the special occasions they ought to be instead of just one more thing you have to buy.

Entertainment Expenses

When your family stays in a hotel, you might feel pressured to draw up a busy itinerary, full of activities and events, most of which will cost something. After all, you are not going on a trip just to sit in a boxy room and watch television. Your vacation home, however, is more likely to be set in a community, where you can enjoy relaxed (and free) activities like scenic walks around the neighborhood or reading while having a cup of tea on the patio. Your Holidale vacation rental gives you plenty of space to unwind right there in the house.

When you are making vacation plans, it is okay to give your wallet a vacation, too. Booking a vacation home through holidale.com can be just the break your budget needs.

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