Furnished Temporary Housing is Perfect for Group Retreat!

Your online writer’s group is planning its annual retreat. Your friends from high school are getting together to plot your 25th reunion. Whether your group is going away together or coming together from different locations all across the country, someone is usually in charge of finding a place for everyone to stay. Booking a block of hotel rooms for a family reunion might seem like the easiest way to have everyone at the same place, but a Month2Month furnished temporary housing is more cost effective, offers better space for group interaction and allows you to cater more effectively to special requests or needs.

Efficient Cost

A furnished temporary housing usually costs less per bedroom than hotels with comparable luxury and amenities would cost. For example, you can book an 8-bedroom rental home in Kissimmee, Florida, at Month2Month for as low as $509 per night during the off-season and as high as $856 during the busy season. Even a modestly priced string of eight hotel rooms is going to cost you well over $1000, no matter what time of the year it is. When it comes to accommodation costs for a crowd, the furnished temporary housing is the clear winner.

Ideal Space

A successful group retreat requires a delicate balance of group time and solitary time for the participants. This is especially important if group members do not know each other very well or are only familiar with each other in regards to the one thing they have in common, such as their love of writing or their family history. Unlike a group of hotel rooms, your Month2Month furnished temporary housing features both indoor and outdoor common areas where everyone can gather without being crowded while still offering private areas where people can take a break from the group when they need to recharge.

Special Requests

It is difficult enough to pick a restaurant that everyone will like when you are only making plans for your family of four. This challenge can become downright daunting when you are trying to please a larger group. Renting a furnished temporary housing home solves a large portion of this issue. With a full kitchen at your disposal, you can plan meals that take everyone’s preferences into account. A kitchen also makes it easier to accommodate any special dietary needs that members of your group might have. With our Month2Month furnished temporary housing,

you can more easily take control of your group’s meals.

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