Irvine CA is Ideal for Insurance Housings Placements

We had to show you why you should provide our Irvine housing options to meet your insurance clients‘ relocation needs, even BEFORE they realize it themselves. As we had quite a few success cases of families who resided in other cities and chose to relocate here in amazing Irvine California, we would like to introduce you Irvine as a perfect place for relocation and invite you to consider us to provide insurance housings to your clients. 

Orange County is the smallest county by area in Southern California and it is easy for people across the regions to commute and move without a hassle.  However, Orange County is sometimes divided into northern and southern regions, where the significant political, demographic, economic and cultural distinctions make some residents reluctant to relocate to other cities, even if it only means ten minutes of driving away. 

Orange County is also the second most densely populated county in the state with more than 3 million residents and understandably strong insurance and corporate relocation needs. Located in the center of South OC, Irvine boasts the unparalleled convenience of a 15-minute drive to any other OC city. It is known for its stunning landscape, dynamic retail destinations, thriving economy and award-winning school district. Irvine provides residents with an unparalleled quality of life especially for families with young kids. One of our current guests staying in Irvine was relocated last year from Fullerton, northern Orange County and had even their first newborn girl here in our nice property! We also had the disappointing experience of meeting a family from Laguna Niguel who preferred to get stuck in hotel rooms in the same area over spacious single-family rentals in Irvine.   

One of the best parts of living in Irvine is your proximity to any other city in Orange County and the most popular hiking trails, parks and nature preserves, which we believe the insured families appreciate, a great relaxation from their stressed situations with the complicated insurance claim process and small hotel rooms. 

Contact Us! If you have any needs for insurance housings in Irvine, we always have the perfect inventory in the perfect locations!

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