Growing Through Challenges

We still remember vividly when the pandemic first hit. All the travel restrictions and shelters were put in place, and we realized immediately that this would be an unprecedented challenge for the global mobility market as a whole. For Month2Month, our business is closely tied with the rapid change of the mobility market and Month2Month’s ability to rapidly adapt is critical.

Luckily, back then, we already had most of our houses occupied with families who had longer-term housing needs. We were also able to maintain and cater to the vital needs of insurance relocation. With our devoted investors’ support, we were able to expand our inventory to quite a few new locations outside California such as Texas, Florida, Nevada, Oregon and West Virginia.     

During the slow season, we didn’t just sit idle or choose the lowest hanging fruit. Instead, we focused on streamlining our operational procedures – from Finance, HR and Product Management to Sales Outreach focused on investing in our people. 

For example, we provided employees with opportunities to develop cross-disciplinary expertise. By rotating the staff through various departments, learning on the job has been made easy, and the excitement in the workplace got generated naturally. Our sales team now offers a fresh perspective to our property maintenance manager, and our property maintenance team finds it exhilarating to observe how the marketing process works. 

For example, our sales veteran Ashley has been with the company for five years and in her own words: “2020 is the year when I saw myself growing professionally fastest and become a better version of myself surprisingly during the pandemic!”.


But what really keeps us afloat and even thriving in the past year is the unswerving devotion from our loyal employees. We didn’t scale back or let anybody go due to the pandemic. Instead, we were able to maintain all the jobs by instituting temporary pay cuts. We appreciate every team member – from CEO to ground level contractors who were making sacrifices to help our business weather the industry recession. We have doubled our business staff since last year, and we are still actively hiring! Everything we have experienced in the past 12 months proves to the industry and our investors that we are resilient and Month2Month’s ability to rapidly adapt will continuously guide us in our future adventure.

To know more about how we do property during covid, please click here.

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